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 Topical Guide of Gambling Subjects


          A Library of Gambling Research, Testimonies and Articles     [MS Word]
          State-Run Lotteries as a Form of Taxation
          The Effect of State Lotteries on Juvenile Gambling     [MS PowerPoint]


Suicide Articles
          Alcohol and Gambling Addiction
          Addiction in Seniors at 11%
Professor: Video Poker "Crack Cocaine"
Woman Leaves Children to Gamble
          Gambler Goes Postal
          Las Vegas Addiction
          Father kills self, wife, three kids
          Casinos and Addicts
          Gambling Addiction Study
          Connecticut Teen Gambling Study
          Legal Gambling Worsens Illegal Gambling
          Indiana Teen Gambling Study
          Research on Suicide

Social Cost

Elders Lured to Casinos
Ten Things the Gambling Industry Doesn't Tell You
Social Impact of Casinos in Mississippi
U.S. News -- Social Costs of Gambling
Teens and Gambling
Social Cost in South Dakota
Families and Gambling
APA Study on Teen Gambling Addiction
Teen Gambling Suicide
Gambling Industry Funded Harvard Studies Questioned

Gambling and Crime

         The Mob in Casinos
          Crime at the Racetracks
          Mayor Convicted for Kick-backs
          Mob Boss Caught in the Act
          Thefts Feed a Casino Habit
          Canada Casino Scandal Brings Down Prime 
          Ex-governor Edwards Guilty of Fraud        

Philippine Government Collapses
NZ Study Links Gambling and Crime
David Duke Gambles White Supremacy Funds
Impact on Families
Casino Money Laundering
Organized Crime
Tribal Casino Leader Jailed
Kansas City Crime and Casinos
Crime and Casinos in Wisconsin
Parent Murder Slots
Bribery Investigations
Colorado towns endangered
Arbitration Hearings Closed
Armed Robbery Around Casinos
Moms Greed Kills Baby
Husband slays wife over casino
Minister misuses church funds for gambling
Taos Deputy Arrested on Casino Robbery

Casinos and Economic Decline

          Ten Things the Gambling Industry Doesn't Tell
          Study Reports Economic Drain
          Indians Losing in Gambling Business
          Town Officials Tell of Casino Damage
          Wisconsin Study on Casino Drain
          Gambling and Economic Decline
          Parasite in New Mexico
          National Anti-Gambling Trend
          Thompson Study of South Carolina '99
          Roundtable Report on Profitability of Casinos in Ohio -- 2005