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In an article, published August 29, 2001, the Chicago Tribune reported that Mayor Robert D. Natale, the former Stone Park Mayor pleaded guilty to obstruction of enforcement of anti-gambling laws.

The article states, “In his change-of-plea agreement with federal prosecutors, Natale admitted that from 1989 to 1994 while he was mayor he accepted monthly payments of
$500 from the Chicago mob to overlook video gambling operations in the suburb.

”Natale also admitted that he took a $4,500 payment to allow an adult bookstore to open in Stone Park.
”Natale, who was scheduled to go on trial later this year, denied the charges when he was indicted two years ago.

”Prosecutors indicted Natale as part of their investigation of Anthony Centracchio, the reputed head of the Chicago mob on the West Side and in DuPage County, who was accused of making protection payoffs to public officials in Franklin Park, Northlake, Stone Park and Melrose Park.

”Centracchio died of cancer earlier this month before he could be tried on federal racketeering and gambling charges.

”Prosecutors will proceed against the two remaining co-defendants in the case, Thomas Tucker, a former Stone Park police lieutenant who was alleged to have been Centracchio's right-hand man; and Robert Urbinati, a former
Franklin Park police officer.”

  Natale faces a sentence of 18 months for his obstruction of justice.