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 Tribal Casino Leaders Jailed

In an article in the Minnesota Star Tribune, reporter Pat Doyle wrote, "Darrell (Chip) Wadena, the most prominent American Indian leader in Minnesota for more than two decades, was sentenced Thursday to four years and three months in prison for bid-rigging and other crimes related to his tribe’s casino gambling business."

U. S. District Judge Michael Davis..."also sentenced White Earth Secretary-Treasurer Jerry Rawley to three years and one month and Tribal Council Member Rick Clark to three years and 10 months for participating with Wadena in the crimes.

"Wadena made close to $900,000 from all sources of illicit income, prosecutors said. Prosecutors told jurors that vote fraud helped the officials solidify power and lay a foundation for financial crimes."

Indian casino leaders constantly tell us that tribal casinos are not commercial gambling, but government sponsored gambling, because individuals don’t benefit from their gambling proceeds. The truth is that Indians are like the rest of us, and when you have millions of dollars in cash circulating within easy reach, there is a huge temptation to take some, and to commit other crimes to allow you to continue skimming the proceeds of the casino. CASINOS INSPIRE CRIMINAL ACTS.