Wyomingites for a Better Economy Today and Tomorrow
WyBETT Wyomingites for a Better Economy Today and Tomorrow

Big Win...........big loss!

We were successful in defeating the lottery once again this year.  We were very lucky since the Governor had promised to sign it into law, had it passed.

A very bad bill was passed by the legislature allowing "social" gambling in bars and restaurants.  The Attorney General, Pat Crank,     ( with a bill that passed yesterday, removing electronic bingo from the SAE 05,  which passed the previous day), had no objections to the language in the two bills.  Therefore the Governor felt that he could have no objection to signing  both bills.   Hind site tells us that if we could have kept the intent to veto secret until after the Governor vetoed it, we could have been successful.

We will need to do two things for next year; 

1.We need to get legislation passed to removed social gambling from public venues.

2.  We need to find candidates to run, who are able to understand what good government and good law is and then work to elect them

A special THANK YOU to all of you who worked so valiantly in this good cause...   Just remember... no good deed will go unpunished ;-)

Consider someone who would be a good legislator and is honest in his approach to researching and finding the answers that are placed in the hands of those who represent us.   That person might even be YOU!!!


David Robertson

WyBETT,  chairman
                   Contacting Your Legislator

To determine your State Senator or State Representative, go to our Legislature Map.  Click on House Electoral District or Senate Electoral District, depending on the legislator you want. Determine where you are on the Wyoming map and left click directly on top of the number in your section of the map.  That should bring up the name, district, address, phone number and e-mail address on that legislator. You can get more information on the legislature at the Wyoming Legislature Web Site.  


Members of the public may also wish to contact members of the Wyoming Legislature via e-mail. Many legislators
use e-mail to correspond with their constituents and other members of the public. Legislators who can be contacted
by e-mail are listed on the Legislature’s Web site (http://legisweb.state.wy.us).