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 Culture of Corruption

Recent revelations on KOAT-TV, also in the Albuquerque Journal and Albuquerque Tribune on Friday, January 17, 1997 point to widespread theft, bribery, extortion and kickbacks among management and supervisors at the Sandia and Santa Anna Casinos. The reports cited an internal document at the Sandia Casino titled "Report on Management's Tolerance of and Suspected Participation in Casino Corruption." The report states:

"Casino Sandia contains an environment infested with corruption. We, in fact, have what one could call a corrupt culture which has been allowed to grow and fester for many years."

Although casino management at Sandia insist the problem has been removed, former Pueblo human-resources director Robert Martinez recently wrote the NM Legislature:

"It appears that the management, as a whole, is unable to implement policies that are needed.."

From the beginning, the tribes had assured the people of New Mexico that Indian Casinos were not like "commercial" casinos, and that they could regulate themselves.
We can now tell that Tribal casinos are like off-reservation casinos and that all casinos tend to promote lawless activity. There needs to be a thorough study of the extent of criminal activity at the casinos in New Mexico before legislative negotiations begin on gambling compacts.