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 Pojoaque Defies Order To Close Casino

In an article in the October 7, 1999 Albuquerque Journal, the Pojoaque Pueblo indicates that it will defy state orders to close until it meets revenue sharing requirements of the gambling compact it signed.

The article reports: "Pojoaque Pueblo says it won't close its casino and won't enter into arbitration despite a state order to stop gambling. The pueblo is one of four casino-operating tribes the state has ordered to stop gambling because they've refused to make required payments. The other three are Isleta and San Juan pueblos and the Jicarilla Apache tribe.

"George McGeorge, the state's gaming representative, said Wednesday that he sent a notice to Pojoaque Pueblo on Sept. 21 to close its Cities of Gold Casino because the tribe had made no payments to the state in the past eight months."

Pojoaque has said that they are not interested in arbitration or in making payments at this time, but are hanging their hopes on renegotiating new compacts with the governor.

"McGeorge said the two pueblos had not made any payments in eight months. The Jicarilla Apaches have not made any payments since signing the compact in 1997.