Wyomingites for a Better Economy Today and Tomorrow
WyBETT   Wyomingites for a Better Economy Today and Tomorrow

                                                                                    WyBETT has been in existence since 1993, when a group of people from several communities who were worried about an attempt to bring local option casino gambling to Wyoming began to organize to oppose gambling expansion in Wyoming.

The original leadership included a dentist from Cody, a former legislator from Evanston, a retired economics Department Chair of Economics from Dubois via the University of Missouri. The membership and supporters included former governors, former U. S. Congressmen, housewives businessmen, educators, law enforcement groups and officials, parent teacher organizations, mental health providers, church leaders and sitting (at that time) and future U.S. Senators.  Mike Enzi was the spokesperson for WyBETT during our 1994 campaign. 

The Coalition has been active in lobbying the legislature, and has been involved in fighting gambling bills on the ballot,    We have been undiscriminating in fighting any gambling expansion:  

News from the 2007 Wyoming legislative session-- see the Political Info page!

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